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2019 Culinary Caveman LLC

2018 License to Operate a Food Establishment


Work Hard.

Be determined.

Surround yourself with positive people that will support you.

These are the mantras of Culinary Caveman.  Jason is building a team that is unparalleled restaurant world.  Check back often for updated bios!

Good Vibes Food!

Jason "Caveman" Fortune

My name is Jason Fortune and my passion is cooking, and has been for the last 40 years. Being nearly 300 pounds less than 3 years ago and loving high flavor, high sugar and high fat foods I have now found a niche in GOOD VIBE FOOD that I would like to offer you....

I worked for a major restaurant chain in the late 80’s and 90’s (Tippins Restaurant and Pie Pantry) working my way up to Quality Assurance Supervisor for the corporate office. My successes have been pretty good,or so they seamed on the surface, but inside I was desperately trying to find meaning to my life and was consumed with addiction to drugs, Alcohol and depression medications. As of August 2015 I weighed nearly 300 pounds and was suffering from Alcoholics Hepatitis of the Liver and in my head I was ready to drink myself to my demise. On Saturday morning August 29th 2015 something moved through me, you can call it God, the Universe, Source Energy, Buddha, Jesus, or what ever fits your spiritual calling but it changed me FOREVER. After 87 days of DT’s with my wife by my side I new I was meant for more and stumbled onto a Law of Attraction Show called “The Secret”.... And my Spiritual Journey Began.

After starting a meditation practice I envisioned Mountains, Green trees and snow. Shortly after, I asked my wife if she wanted to “ Go for a ride” and feeling stuck and wanting more out of her life we moved from our home state of Texas to the wilds of Colorado with only 6000 dollars in our bank account, no jobs, no health insurance, no family or friends here and never looked back. I enrolled at a Local Culinary Arts School thinking I needed a piece of paper telling me and others that I was a Chef. I found myself at the top of the class with little for them to be able to teach me. Then I met Joe Roseberry ( TRAINER JOE). He took me under his wing, helped me get on an exercise and Yoga Practice (Yoga is Where I found God) and introduced me to a better life style of eating which was Gluten Free and Refined Sugar Free. Learning of my Culinary passion, Joe and others from the Gym ( Just Results Gym in Broomfield ) encouraged me to start meal prep for them. Within 3 months I quit my Job at a high end restaurant in Boulder and took a leave from Culinary school as I was meal prepping over 150 meals per week..... Soooo here we are now, Culinary Caveman LLC serving and delivering nearly 2000 meals a month to fine folks in 7 cities in he Denver area, loving every minute of being able to serve food Made with Love and Kissed by Fire and based on Love and Kindness to ALL, regardless of skin color, race, religion or partner preference.

Being from the south, Loving fried foods, Bread and having a long tenure in baking pies high in fat and sugar I have found a NICHE in the Paleo style arena that we will not call healthy food but GOOD VIBE FOOD as it is good for you (and yes Healthy - but that word carries stigmata :)) but is full of flavor, richness and keeps you satiated. We marinate our meats overnight our stews, chilies and sauces are slow simmered for hours and hours. We fire roast just about everything to bring out the sugars in all foods called “Caramelization” (Hence our Motto - “ Made with Love and Kissed by Fire” :). We use organic Natural sweeteners like Honey and Maple Syrup to give you high energy food experience without the “CRASH”. Our smoked meats are loved at low smoke for at least 14 hours,trimmed of fat and served with organic fresh veggies of all types. Everything is “FROM SCRATCH” we use a canned organic tomato sauce and a canned organic black beans but nothing starts out frozen in a bag, box, can or otherwise. I hope you will enjoy our service that has been built on LOVE AND KINDNESS as This keeps my customers out of the kitchen (or the drive-thru) and spending that time with family and friends…knowing they are getting the nutrients their bodies need. Please contact me at jason@culinarycavemanchef.com if you have any questions, dietary restrictions or just want more information on pricing and meal plans.

Stacy "Cavewoman" Fortune

Bio coming soon!